Hotel Chasakis, Preveza, Greece
The beautiful beach of the Ionian Sea and in the place of "Beach and Kanali" the prefecture of Preveza is located the hotel Chasakis.
Channel Preveza
The coastal area Channel is just 12 km away. from the town of Preveza and 500 m. the picturesque village of Mytikas.
Access to the Channel
To reach the area, you can use the roads, the via Egnatia and the routes of public BUS Preveza.
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The city of Preveza is located at the southernmost tip of the Continent and in the middle of the north-west coastline of Greece. It is built on the north side of the strait of Preveza, which connects to the Ambracian gulf and the Ionian sea. Opposite and at a distance of just 600 meters from the level and sandy promontory of Actium, known from the famous eponymous battle of the 31 p.X. The area of sea near the cities of Preveza was once again the focus of world history during the naval battle of Preveza in the 1538 m.X., confirming the strategic position of the city.


The beach of kanali, Preveza is an extremely impressive destination, combining unique natural landscapes and historical heritage. Located on the northwest coast of the Greek epirus, near the town of Preveza, and it is one of the most picturesque destinations in the region. The beach Channel impresses with its clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea that surround the sandy coast. The white sandy beaches create a picture of paradise, offering unique moments of relaxation and pleasure in the bathroom.


The countless natural beauties and a lot of monuments of History and culture of the region give the visitor the possibility for excursions utilizing an enjoyable time of a holiday on a combination of acquaintance with the region. A number of sites to visit are: The island of Corfu, with the beautiful architecture. Saint Nicholas , the handsome venetian tower. The Oracle of Acheron. The Ancient City was site of an ancient roman settlement. These are some of the attractions that you can visit in the region of Preveza.